Sinop Spastic Children Association is an Association established in 2008 to replace the Turkish Spastic Children Association Sinop Branch. Turkish Spastic Children Association decided to close all its branches suddenly and these branches established their own associations.

SSCA is the Snop's first association on disability. It has been established as Turkish Spastic Children Association Sinop Branch and then it became an independent association at 2008. SSCA is member of the national disability federation that provides access to an important network of stakeholders on disability.

As Sinop's main disability CSO, we are interested in every type of problems of people with disabilities in Trkey. After 2000, the government provided several services for people with disabilities including education, social activities etc. SSCA has its own education center with more than 100 students with disabilities and organize different sport activities. It has close links with different special sport clubs in Sinop.

SSCa is member of umbrella organizations (disability federations) and has a huge network in Turkey level. Additionally SSCA had role in different European projects and has experience on these projects.