The Deaf Sports Club ""The Silence"" Cluj (abbreviated C.S.S.T. Cluj) is a non-profit and apolitical organization from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, dedicated to promoting sport as an essential means of social integration and health for people with hearing disabilities.

The purpose of CSST Cluj is the development of sports activities, through the selection, initiation and training of athletes in this field, participation in national and international sports competitions, as well as other activities related to them.

CSST Cluj gives the opportunity to culturally, socially and interrelated isolated deaf people:
- to integrate more easily into society and the EU (enables them to get in touch with people without disabilities, sporting activities, or easily relate to EU sportsmen);
- to defeat the barriers to isolation and communication by participating in domestic and international competitions; - to develop their team spirit and comradeship;
- to stimulate their creativity, skills and to strengthen their general culture through sport.

The main activities of CSST Cluj are chess, futsal, table tennis, volleyball, darts, bowling. Chess is one of the most beloved sports by the deaf sportsmen.