Centrum Edukacji i Wsparcia „RES-GEST” (Center of Education and Support “RES-GEST”) is an organization devoted to deaf people and it was founded in 1958 in Rzeszów. As a result of the system transformation, our association received legal personality in 1991 as the Rzeszów Deaf Sports Club and in 1999 the member ""RES-GEST"" was added to the existing name. This name lasted until 2014. In 2014, the name changed to the Center of Education and Support “RES-GEST”. Main aims of the Centrum are: organizing and conducting educational, cultural, professional, social and medical support among deaf people and their families. The Centrum provides adaptation support to deaf people and others with hearing difficulties in many different aspects of life. Everyday we provide a sign language interpreter services, we help deaf people find a job, fill in the documents. We also organize courses of sign language and conducting a website for the deaf where they can find informations they need. On our website deaf people can see films translated into sign language.

Our internet television has its own website: www.glusi.tv, www.tv-deaf.com, which enjoy great trust and audience rating among Deaf people not only in Poland but also in the world.

Center accomplished following projects which meant to help the deafs, among others for socio-professional activation of Deaf people from the European Social Fund and also from the European Commission under the Erasmus + program.

In the association, the activities are based on qualified, competent employees who have a university degree and are professional sign language interpreters and have extensive experience in working with deaf people as well as in the implementation of projects financed from public funds. Has extensive experience in working with deaf people."