The project “Chess platform for deaf people” aims to contribute to the elimination of existing barriers to mass sports for deaf people and to provide equal opportunities for participation to chess, by developing an online chess learning platform with explanations in sign language and building a network of organizations willing to support it over time. 

Currently, there are many interactive platforms that offer chess lessons, but none is fully accessible to deaf people, containing audio explanations. Deaf people are considered disabled persons and the vast majority of them are socially, culturally and sporty marginalized due to the language barrier. Although chess, the "sport of silence" is a sport adapted to deaf people, there has been lately the lack of interest of young deaf people in this sport.  To this end, the partnership of eight organizations, supporting sports activities of people with disabilities, proposes in this project an interactive European platform for learning chess adapted to deaf people by introducing the sign language. Using the interactive and attractive online environment, we believe will help us to attract as many deaf young people to this noble sport.

  The network provides opportunities to strengthen cooperation between 7 countries, of which 6 are EU members and Armenia. Through the involvement of hearing chess associations, in the project, the network will contribute to create synergy between these associations and will enhance the integration of deaf people into society, increase self-confidence and emancipation.

The project responds to the priority set in the communication Communication "Developing the European Dimension in Sport" of January 2011: “social inclusion in and through sport, including sport for people with disabilities and gender equality in sport”.